12th October 2018 - Product Release Notes

Report Updates

(New Report) Assets Sold Report

  • Report Section
    • Assets, Parts and Stock
  • Title
    • Assets Sold Report
  • Details
    • A report to view the status of your sold assets, including their dispatch status and sold price.

(New Report) Parts - Default Part Locations Report

  • Report Section
    • Assets, Parts and Stock
  • Title
    • Part Default Location Report
  • Details
    • A report to View and filter parts by their default location stored in Flowlens.

(Report Update) Item Dispatch Report

  • Report Section
    • Assets, Parts and Stock
  • Title
    • Item Dispatched Report
  • Updates
    • Update the column heading from "NET VALUE" to " NET SALES VALUE".
    • Reverse the column ordering of NET Value and Cost Price.

(Report Update) Interactions Report - Update To Single Report

  • Report Section
    • Activity Levels
  • Title
    • Interactions Report
  • Updates
    • Update the interactions report into a single report.
    • Added additional filter for 'Company Type'.

General Updates

Invoicing - Payment Terms For 0 Days

  • Update payment terms to allow for the a payment term with zero days to work correctly.

Selling Price getting rounded up in SO incorrectly

  • Update the selling price field against a sales order to ensure that it is being rounded correctly.

Sales Order Index - Heading Update

  • Update to the column heading of 'Stock Cost' to 'NET TOTAL' to keep it consistent with the naming on the sales order overview tab.
  • Updated on the PDF & CSV outputs of this index page.

Invoicing - Ability To Add Tasks

  • Against the four sections of invoicing, the functionality has been added to create tasks. This is available now on:
    • Sent Invoices
    • Received Invoices
    • Sent Credit Notes
    • Received Credit Notes

Sales Order/Dispatch PDFs - Company Address For Delivery Address

  • Update on the Sales Order & Dispatch PDF to add company name above the 'Delivery Address'.

Job Cards - Output Asset Tab

  • Pagination added on the output assets tab of a Job Card

Job Card MRP Tab - CSV Error

  • Update to correct an issue on the CSV download for the MRP tab of a Job Card.

Contact not being disassociated with company (HS#2371)

  • Update made to ensure when a company is disassociated as the primary address of a contact, that the company search filters are updated to reflected to show this.

Enquiry - New Company/Contact Association

  • Update to fixing a bug - so that on a new enquiry, when a new company/new contact are created within this, upon saving there should be an association made between the company/contact.

Form Responses - Delete Option

  • Against a form response, update to have the ability to Delete form responses from the system;
    • There is a delete action against each form response.
    • When delete is selected, the user is given the option to confirm this deletion.
    • Once deleted, this response no longer appears against the object.

Form Responses - Link When Marked As Complete

  • Updated so that both links on a form response direct the user to the a single view (same link as the 'view' action)

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