15th October 2018 - Product Release Notes

General Updates

Sales/ Purchase Headings - VAT Consistency

  • Update to sale/purchase index pages to keep VAT values consistent;
  • SO index page Sum Totals:
    • Total Inc VAT
    • Total Ex VAT
  • Sales Invoice Index Page:
    • Include inc vat column to show Invoice total Inclusive VAT.
    • All the sum totals on the Invoice update, update them to sum Inc VAT numbers and not Ex VAT number,
    • One of the sum total on the Sales Invoice page is 'Submitted', this needs removed.
    • Add a sum total of 'Total Paid' and show 'Total Paid' Inc VAT figure.
    • Rename headings on the sum totals to append 'Inc VAT' on all the 4 totals.
  • Sales Order and Invoicing report:
    • Update all columns headings and sum total headings to say 'Inc VAT'.
  • Purchase Order and Invoicing report and POI index:
    • Update all column headings to say 'ex VAT' at the end.

Define 'Additional notes' In Configurations

  • When defining configuration categories on parts, you can also pre-define an 'additional notes' field per category.
  • On the Sales quote, the text in 'Additional notes' per category, and this will be shown when this category is added.

Items Dispatched Report - CSV Download

  • Update on the Item dispatched report to correct an issue where the CSV was blank when downloaded.

Purchase Orders - Multiple Supplier Part Numbers

  • Update on purchase orders to accomodate the purchase of parts from a wholesaler.
  • Now you have the ability to buy a single part from a supplier that has multiple models of the same part.
  • Additionally on the part search it now includes the supplier part number to help distinguish between the cases where a part appears multiple times on the dropdown.

Tasks - Edit Task Details

  • Update so that after a task has been created, and the user edits it, the task modal shows the original stored due date.

Email Attachments - File Name

  • Update so that when an email is received from Flowlens, the file attachments name now matches the name of the original file.

Job Card Costs Report

  • This report has now been migrated across to the reports section for Projects & Job Cards, moving it from the projects navigation dropdown.
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