24th October 2018 - Product Release Notes

Report Updates

(New Report) Service Job Card Stock Consumed Report

  • Report Section
    • Service
  • Title
    • Service Job Card Consumed Stock
  • Details
    • A report to view all Parts and quantities that were used in Service Job Cards completed in any given date range.

(New Report) Sales Invoicing - Customer Details Report

  • Report Section
    • Finance
  • Title
    • Sales Invoicing Customer Details
  • Details
    • A report to review the customer details set against sales invoices.

General Updates

Widget - Top Users by Login Error

  • Update to correct an issue that was appearing on the widget "Top Users By Login".

Fix map updating

  • With a recent update to Google maps API, we have pushed an update to ensure the map shown on companies continue to work with this update.

My interactions Report - Duration Column

  • Update this interactions report so that the 'Duration' column shows the correct value.

Project Stages

  • Addition of stages against a project.
  • These stages are a configurable list within settings.
  • Additional column & filters added to project index & profitability report.

SO Index PDF

  • Update to correct an issue with the Sales Order Index PDF.

GRN bulk update receipt locations

  • Update to Allow the user to update all receipt locations at once if the defaults are not the desired locations.
  • This functionality will be useful for users of Flowlens that deal with general locations for a delivery (Warehouse 1/ Warehouse 2 etc)

Xero integration error message

  • Update to show additional error messages being sent through the Xero API accounts integration.

Sales Quote Margin Report Error

  • Update to correct an issue on the pages being shown for the Sales Quote Margin Report.

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