2nd November 2018 - Product Release Notes

Report Updates

(New Report) PO Approval Level Report

  • Report Section
    • Users
  • Title
    • User Purchase Order Approval Level Report
  • Details
    • A report to view users who require approval to send Purchase Orders, their limits and who can approve them.

Totals Against Reports

  • Update in the UI of these boxes so that they span across the width of the report and not have a set width for each box.

General Updates

Keyword Search With Column Sortable Filters

  • Update to correct an issue that was appears when a keyword search is applied and the user then attempts to sort the results using the column heading.
    • Service and Invoicing Report
    • Marketing Lists Report
    • Address Index Page
    • GDPR Compient Report
    • Enquiries Index Page
    • Sales Lead Index Page
    • Sales Forecast Report
    • Job Card Cancellation Reasons Report
    • Job Card Consumed Stock Report
    • Job Card Index Page
    • Project Profitability Report
    • Asset Sold Report
    • Purchase Order Returns Report
    • Purchase Order & Invoicing Report
    • Sales Invoicing Customer Details Report

Tasks - Editing Due Date Field

  • Update so that when the Start Date is updated against a task, the due date is automatically updated too. This is to help when a user is moving tasks to different dates on the system.

Sales Order - Order Date

  • Update for the sales order date so that it appears on the edit page of an in progress sales orders and can be updated by the user.

Sales Order - Timeline Records

  • Update to the timeline against a Sales Order so that specific actions are logged against a user rather than showing that it was logged by the system. These actions are:
    • Mark as sent
    • Mark as confirmed
    • Mark as dispatched
    • Generate Invoice

Purchase Orders - Delivery Address Field

  • Update for Purchase Orders that allow the user to define a Purchase Order Address.
  • There will be a default address in company details for current customers so that this field will not need to be set per PO when the company only have one delivery address.

Sales Invoice PDF - Invoice Date

  • Update for the sales invoice PDF to show the Invoice Date rather than created_at date.

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