26th November 2018 - Product Release Notes

Report Updates

Report Index - Search Filter Functionality

    • All Report Index Pages
  • Details
    • On all report index pages, we have now included a filter that will automatically filter down the page when the user begins to type in the report name or description.

(Report Update) Items Dispatched Report

  • Details
    • On this report, the following updates were made:
      • Add sortable columns for 'Order Date' & 'Due Date'.
      • Add filters for 'Order Date' & 'Due Date'.
      • Remove the column 'Revision Date'.

General Updates

Keyword Search With Column Sortable Filters

  • Update to correct an issue that was appears when a keyword search is applied and the user then attempts to sort the results using the column heading.
    • Parts Index Page
    • Minimum Stock Levels Report
    • Sales Order Index

Service Quotes - Net Total Discount

  • Update to display the correct discount total against a service quote. The value being stored in the db was correct but not reflected in the front end.

Service - Received Items Receipt PDF

  • Update to correct a PDF issue, so that when multiple parts are received against the service Job, the PDF downloads in the correct format.

Tasks - Editing Due Date

  • Update to the tasks pop up so that when a task is edited the due date is populated with the original due date prior to it being updated again by the user.

Service Index Page - Updates

  • Update to the service index page so that:
    • Remove the column for "Warranty".
    • Replace Warranty with a sortable column for "Service Stage".
    • Add a Filter to the index for "Warranty".

Service - New Page Validation

  • Update to the new service pop up so that the user is more aware of the fields that need to be populated prior to submission.

Sales Pipeline Analysis - Update

  • Update to this page so that it accommodates sales leads that do not have all the necessary fields completed.

Emails - Replies Being Added To Flowlens

  • Update to Flowlens emails to correct the bug that was causing replies not to be shown against the correct object.

Sales Order Index - Keyword Search Fields

  • Update to on the keyword search filter on this index so that the following fields can also be searched on:
    • Delivery Notes
    • Internal Notes
    • Customer Notes

Parts Index Page - PDF Download

  • Update to parts index PDF so that the correct image is now shown on the header of each page.

Service Quotes - Activity Log Issue

  • Update to the service quotes to ensure that the activity log is refreshed automatically after a quote is sent to the customer through Flowlens.

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