31st January 2019 - Product Release Notes

General Updates

Sales Order And Invoicing Decimal Point Error

  • Update to correct an issue on Sales Orders in relation to rounding of prices entered to 4 decimal places.

Parts Import - CSV File

  • Update to the CSV file used for the parts import so that the column names remain consistent with previous changes made to the UI

Settings - Project Checklist Option

  • Minor UI update to correct the headings shown in Settings when adding a new project checklist.

Parts - Adding Stock/ Stock Adjustments

  • Update made to the functionality of manually adding stock quantities to the system, disabling the confirm button after the initial click by the user.

Purchase Orders PDF - Supplier Notes

  • Updates made to the PO PDF so that there is now additional space allocated for the Supplier notes.

Sales Orders - Partial Dispatch Status

  • Update to correct a bug that in certain circumstances was not updating the dispatch status of partially dispatched orders.

Customer Invoice Details - Error Message

  • Update to correct a bug that was showing on the customer invoice details reports when the user attempted to go past page 3 on the report.

Settings - Spoken Language Option

  • Removal of the setting for spoken language that was previously against the contacts on Flowlens.

Address Index - Column & Filter For Main Contact

  • Update on the address index page for an additional column and filter of main contact. This now allows the user to search by address if they only know the contact that is associated with it.

Marketing Lists - Bulk Add Functionality

  • Update to correct a bug that was causing issues when user were attempting to bulk add contacts to a marketing list.

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