5th February 2019 - Product Release Notes

General Updates

Users - Daily Digest Email

  • Additional functionality added to users on Flowlens, that allow them to accept a daily notification email for their tasks on Flowlens.
  • This email will list out the users tasks for today and outstanding tasks.
  • This email is sent out to users who accept it, at 6am each morning.

Purchase Order Index - Approval Filter

  • Update to correct an issue with the PO approval filter on the index page.

GRN Report - Company Filter

  • Update to correct an issue that was occurring when the company filter was used on the GRN report of the system.

Job Card Index - CSV Download

  • Some users were experiencing issues with the CSV download on the Job Card index. This has been updated to ensure it downloads on all operating systems.

Contacts Index Page - Sortable Columns

  • Update to correct a bug on the contacts index page which occurred when the user attempted to sort results of a search using the column headings.

My Tasks Page - Reload Issue

  • Update to the My Tasks page to ensure that it refreshed automatically for the users after a task was completed.

Tasks - End Date & Time

  • Update to the new task modal so that the end date and time was updated correctly if the user changed the start date and time.

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