12th February 2019- Product Release Notes

General Updates

Stock Requirements & Raising POs

  • Additional functionality added to the stock feature of Flowlens, in the page 'Stock Requirements'
  • This page will list out all the parts in Flowlens that have a supplier against them, with their current stock levels.
  • When a supplier is selected in the filters, the page will then display a '+' symbol, allowing the user to create a list of parts to be added to a Purchase Order.
  • Once the user has completed the list for a supplier, they can amend quantities on this page, and generate a PO with the selected parts.
  • Additional filters have been included, so that this page can show results based on Warning levels per part or parts that has a negative stock value. (A negative stock available will show based on current physical stock, that there is not enough to fulfil sales orders or job cards that have stock reserved).

Data Imports - Text Changes

  • Updates have been made to the CSV templates and instruction files on the following imports, so that they are consistent with the field names on the system:
    • Contacts
    • Parts
    • Components
    • Part Supplier
    • Companies

Daily Digest Email - Updates

  • Updates to the daily digest email with the following:
    • Include a link to the 'Related To' section where the task was created.
    • Break the email into two sections of todays tasks and overdue tasks.
    • Include the ability for a user to receive a copy of the email at the click of a button.

Service Quotes - T&Cs

  • We have now included the functionality of having default Terms and conditions on a service quote to keep then inline with sales quotes.

Parts - Negative stock On Order

  • Update on our stock management to correct an issue where under certain circumstances the stock on order would show a negative value, which should never be the case.

Company Activity Log - Company Type

  • Update to the activity log of a company so that the updates of the company type field are reflected in this.

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