26th February 2019 - Product Release Notes

General Updates

Emails - Email Sending Loop

  • Update to correct an issue with emails sent to Flowlens in the scenario where an email what sent to @flowlens.email address with an unrecognised prefix.

Enquiries - Creating New Contact

  • Update to correct an issue when enquiries are sent to 'Enquiries@[company name].flowlens.email", so that when confirming the creation of a new contact it formats it correctly.

Calendar - Options On Mobile View

  • Update on the mobile view of the calendar, so that the option to filter down the task type and assigned to user are shown below the calendar.

Parts Index - CSV Update

  • Update to the Parts Index CSV to include the columns of 'Part Category' and 'Default Part Location'.

Service - Service Type On PDF

  • Update made to the Service PDF so that it can accomodate longer descriptions used for service category and service type.

Job Cards - Stock Reservation CSV

  • Update on the Job Card overview, to provide an CSV export of the stock reservations used.
  • Will be beneficial to users who do not have a list of standard components per job, and can use this export to upload to a new job card if they find it is similar.
  • We have formatted the CSV so that the columns match the data import for stock reservation, with the addition of the column for 'Quantity Reserved'.

Projects - Job Card Tab Filter

  • Additonal filter has been added to the Job Card tab of a project, which will automatically hide cancelled job cards and give you a view of job cards that need to be completed for the project.

Projects - Deleting Project Parts

  • Update to how the system shows a project part being deleted against a project, so the user can see on screen that a process is occuring.
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