5th March 2019 - Product Release Notes

General Updates

Forms - Duplicating A Form Template

  • Additional functionality added to the Form Template page in settings, allowing the user to duplicate a Form Template to create the basis of a new form.

Sales Leads - Sales Quote Tab Updates

  • Updates made to the Quotes tab of a sales lead, with the following updates:
    • Addition of a Keyword Search filter
    • Addition of a Parts Filter
    • Addition of the the option to 'View Breakdown', which will link through to the Quote Margin Report on the system, listing out the line items of all sales quotes against that sales lead.

Task Templates - Available On Additional Features

  • Update to the functionality on Tasks Templates so that tasks can now be added on the creation of the following items in Flowlens:
    • Sales Leads
    • Sales Quotes
    • Sales Orders
    • Job Cards
  • For the assigning of the tasks, the following should be done, Auto-assign user based on assigned to of the items;
    • Sales Leads
    • Sales Orders
  • Manually assignment of users when creating a tasks for;
    • Sales Quotes
    • Job Cards

Task Details - 'Related To' Link

  • When selecting a task from the the navigation menu, the details are shown on a pop up window. We have now added a link through to the "Related-To' item in Flowlens, which previously only available on the task report.

Projects - Batch Splitting Of Job Cards

  • Update to the functionality of Project Parts and their creation of Job Cards.
  • Previously this only allowed for a Job Card to be split into quantities of 1.
  • With this update, we have ensured that a Job Card for a large quantity can be split into smaller batches.
  • For example when splitting a Job Card, the user will be asked to define the batches, so if a Job Card of qty 70 is split into batches of 20, there will be 4 Job Cards created, 3 of quantity 20 and a final Job Card with the remainder of 10.

Parts - Components Tab Updates

  • Update made to the Part Components tab of a part, with the following amendments:
    • Component List export CSV
    • Components total cost
    • Link through to Part Component Stock level report

Component List export

  • CSV export of the components listed against a part
  • The CSV is in the same format as the components import CSV, to help the user quickly add components to a part.

Components total cost

  • Update the right hand sidebar, so that the component cost is shown on a separate line to cost price.
  • Previously this component cost is not shown against parts that are a Asset-able = Y and configurable = Y

Link through to Part Component Stock level report

  • On the components tab, provide a link to the part component stock level report, with the parent part filter populated.
  • This will help the user see the current stock levels of the component parts.

Minimum Stock Level Widget - Update

  • Update made to the Minimum stock level widget so that the details shown are only those of active parts on the system.

Sales Quotation PDF - Net Total

  • Description
  • Update on the Sales Quotation PDF to help highlight the totals of a sales quote (excluding and including of VAT).
  • We have separated the discount total, if applicable, into its own field on the PDF and increased the font/boldness of both totals.
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