26th March 2019 - Product Release Notes

General Updates

Supplied Parts Import - Text Updates

  • Updates on the text in the data import zip file so that it kept consistent throughout the system.

Task Template Settings - Visibility

  • Update made to the permission of 'Flowlens Admin', so that the option of 'Task Templates' is visible within the section of Flowlens Setup.

Parts - Timeline Updates

  • Updates made to the Timeline records against a part, so that where possible we record the users name, and not only 'Flowlens'.
  • The following actions have been updated to be recorded against a user;
    • Part Updated
    • Part Supplier Updated
    • Supplier Associated
    • Component Added
    • Component Removed

Job Cards - Template Updates

  • The following updates have been made the Job Card Templates functionality on the system.

Job Card Template Setup

  • Add Due Date offset to each stage, which is available to define in Settings.

Job Card Index Page

  • Additional column for progress count.
  • Additional Filter for Job Card Template against part.
  • Additional filter to search for progress completed on job card (Yes, No or N/A).

Job Card Overview

  • Show Due Date Against each stage in the Progress sidebar.
  • Show date complete & Who completed It (Based on details from JC timeline).


  • On modal of Job Card selections on the calendar, show the progress for that Job Card selected.
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