2nd April 2019 - Product Release Notes

General Updates

Parts - Forecasting Stock Qty

  • This new feature has been created to help users get a better understanding of expected stock movements against a part, based on the dates that they have entered on to the system.
  • Against each part on the part index page, we have include a graph icon. When the user selects this, they will be shown a graph which depicts the forecast stock movements using the following information in Flowlens:
    • Existing Stock On Hand Value
    • Sales Orders (Based On SO Due Date)
    • Purchase Orders (Based on POLI Due Date)
    • Job Card Output (Based on JC Expected completion Date)
    • Job Card Stock Reservations (Based on JC Expected completion Date)
  • The graph in for the next 3 month period of expected stock movements.
  • For each feature that is used to define this expected value, the graph is clickable to give the user a breakdown on what makes up the value shown in the graph.

! Note: The graph data is made possible by the dates populated against sales orders, purchase orders and Job Cards. If these dates are not populated against the items in Flowlens, the data in the graph will be skewed and we will not be able to show you an accurate forecast.

Manufactured Parts Job Card Report - Updates

  • Updates made to this report to correct an issue with the category column and filter.

Asset Valuation Report - Updates

Updates made to this report to correct an issue with the Part Name column.

Parts - QR Code Link

  • Update made to the QR code that can be printed out against a part, so that it now links through to the part URL. Previoulsy this would only populate the part number in a field.
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