9th April 2019 - Product Release Notes

General Updates

Stock - Calculations Against Parts

  • To help validate the numbers that are found against a for stock reserved and stock ordered, we have created a report that will show the values against the part vs calculations of the part against sales, purchasing, operations and servicing.
  • The report is available on the following link - /reports/parts/stock-calculation.

Modals - Prevent Closing Accidentally

  • To prevent any accidental closing of the pop up windows without saving, we have stopped these modals from closing if the user accidentally clicks outside of the modal on the screen.
  • So for example, if you are creating a new asset on the system, the pop up window will not close until the user clicks on 'Create Asset' or 'Cancel'.

Reporting - Multi-Select Filters

  • We are updating our reports, so that the current filters with a dropdown of more than two options will become multi-select.
  • This will help when filtering the data down on the system, so you can have multiple options selected in these filters to get a better overview. For example, the status filter will be updated so that you can view all orders except those that are 'Dispatched'.
  • This has been updated initially on the Sales Order Line Item Report and all additional reports will be updated within the next 3 weeks.
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