9th July 2019 - Product Release Notes

General Updates

Job Card - Download All PDFs

Update to correct a bug of Job Cards, that was preventing PDFs from being downloaded consistently.


Sales Leads - Sales Won Edit Date

Additional functionality made to Sales Leads, that now allows for the Sales Won Date to be edited, if needed, so that reporting can be made more accurate.


Sales Quotes - Quote Name

Update made to our sales quotes, that now allows for the addition of a name to the quotes. This helps users who quote a lot for repeat customers, to add a name in this field and it can be search for on the quote index.


Reporting - PDF Output

New functionality has now been added as standard to all of our Reports, allowing them to be downloaded in PDF format. The PDF will include the results shown on the report page, along with your companies logo, name of report and the date it was generated.


Widgets - Task Widget

New widget added to Flowlens for Tasks, that displayed the quantities for upcoming tasks that a user has on the system.


Widgets - Index View Pagination

Update to the list view widgets on the system to ensure that pagination is showing consistently for all widgets.


Job Cards - Stock Reservation Info

Update to the Stock Reservation section of a Job Card so that the forecast graph is now available for each of the parts listed.


Widgets - List View Clickable Links

Update to the list view for widgets so that references and company names can be clicked through by the user.


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