System Configuration: System Wide Uploads

Often you have a library of attachments you include with customer or supplier emails. These could be terms and conditions, brochures, or data sheets.

You can now maintain a central library of these, which are available when sending emails such as quotes, orders and POs.

The System Wide Uploads library is managed by an Admin user, but uploaded files are available to all users, accessed via the attachments tab of an email.

To attach a system wide upload file, simply create a new email, and then click Attachments. 

Flowlens CRM MRP email attachment tab

Choose the file(s) you require before sending your email.

Flowlens CRM MRP software email attachment picker

Adding Files

Admin users can use the System Wide Uploads tool to add and manage currently available files. Visit the Settings page and click 'System Wide Uploads'.

Screenshot of Flowlens MRP CRM System Wide Uploads

Click on 'Choose Files' to locate the file(s) you wish to make available to all user of your Flowlens system:

Flowlens System Wide Uploads screen

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