Q4 - 2019

Q4 - 2019

Service & Invoicing Report

Update to correct a bug on the company column of this report.

Monthly SO Report

Added the date filter for the period of 'This month' is added to the report, the correct columns are now being shown

Purchase Orders Stock Graph

Against the part name on a Purchase Order, we have now included the stock graph icon.

Cancellation of Sales Orders Linked To A Project

Added functionality against a Sales Order, where it can be cancelled a revised if it is linked Project and Job Cards have also been cancelled to keep stock levels correct.

Update Contact Association Interface

Update the UI for adding a contact within a company to keep it in line with the rest of the Flowlens system.

Sales Quotes - Ability To Duplicate

Additional functionality that allows for a sales quote to be duplicated with the same sales lead.

PO Index - Additional Filter

On the PO Index page, we have included a filter for 'Date Raised’.

Sales Quote PDF - Quote Name

On the Sales Quotation PDF, we have updated the PDF so that the 'Quote Name' field is shown underneath the Quote number.

Stock Forecast Graph - Increase Number Of Weeks

We have increased the number of weeks that this graph shows, increasing it from the next 12 weeks to the next 20 weeks?

Reports - Sortable Columns Applied On PDF/CSV

Updates to CSV and PDFs so that when sorting columns on an index, the same results are shown in the report output.

Reports - Excel Output

We have updated all reports so that they now include functionality to download in excel file format.

Add Interactions to servicing

Add a tab for interactions to the servicing functionality of Flowlens.

Servicing - Source Field

New customisable field added to Services in Flowlens, so that the source of a Service can be reported on.

Sales Order - Status Bug

Fix for a bug that was not updating the sales order status in every scenario.

Reports - Rolling Range Date Filter

Update to correct a bug on our rolling date filter.

Sales Order - Dispatching Assets

Update to our sales orders dispatch modal so that it will allow asset quantities above 200 to be done

Browser Tab - Page Title

Update to display the page title on the browser, so that when multiple tabs are open you can see the section of the system each tab is for.

Service Quotes: Unique email not showing

Bug fix to ensure the unique email address for a service quote are being shown correctly.

Part import for manufactured flag

Bug fix to correct an issue on our parts data import.

Parts Page - Updates

Add graph on to the Part Overview Remove the 'On Order' section of a part. Add a 'Purchases' tab which is the POLI report Only show POLI where qty has not been fully received

POLI Report Updates

Add filter for 'Line Item Fully Received' Rename 'Status' filter to 'PO Status'

Companies Page - Updates

Show Company Type in grey italics beside companies name. Rename 'Quotes' to 'Sales Quotes' Rename 'Sent Invoices' to 'Sales Invoices' Rename 'Received Invoices' to 'Purchase Invoices'

Add tab for 'Assets' Add tab for 'Service Quotes'

Pending Assets - Bulk Update

A new report to download pending assets in asset import format and create a new importer to convert pending to assets to physical assets.

Stock Requirements Page - Updates

Include Stock Graph Icon Add Column for Lead Time (Per Supplier) On 'Stock Ordered' column, update so that this is a modal that is a list of the POLI that are relevant for this number. Updates for Below Warning level and below minimum level so that is less than the number set, rather than less than or equal to the number set.

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