Product Releases - January 2020

Asset Register - Keyword Search Update

On the Asset Register, update to the Keyword search field so that it also searches the notes field found against an asset.

Enquiries - "Assigned To" Validation

Against an enquiry, adding validation if the enquiry is saved after removing the Assigned To user.

GDPR Source - Bug Fix

Update to correct a bug when trying to save the GDPR source against an individual contact.

Company Website - Field Validation

Validation added to the website field of a company to prevent saving issues for the company record.

Companies - Contacts tab #1458

On the contact tab against a company, update to have the mobile number and landline number clickable, so if they are clicked it will ring the selected number.

Enquiry Closure Reasons - Default Option #1460

For new customer of Flowlens, include an option in the setting of Enquiry Closure Reasons of "No Longer Interested".

Sales Quotes - Company Currency

When creating a Sales Quote, update to populate the currency from the selected company.

Sales Order - Dispatching Assets

Update to the Sales Order dispatch modal to help with the dispatch of assets. Now when an asset is being dispatched, the quantity column does not need to be entered and reduce the number of clicks to complete the dispatch process.

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