Product Releases - February 2020

Flowlens Navigation - Updates

Replacing User Icon with Setting Icon Adding Settings to top of this list Replacing Timesheet Icon with Calendar Icon Adding Calendar to top of this list.

In addition, we have added an information section to the navigation to include FAQ/Support/Product Updates

Invoice PDF - Bug Fix

On the purchase order invoice index, bug fix to ensure the correct PDF file is being downloaded for the user.

SO Delivery PDF - Signature Line

Against the SO Dispatch PDF, update so that there is a specific space for signature & date that can be hand written on to the PDF.

Services - First Response Notes

Update to the sidebar of a service, so that the first contact notes remain even after it has been closed.

Xero integration - OAuth 2.0

In December, Xero stopped new apps being created using OAuth 1.0. Therefore there was a significant update to implement OAuth 2.0 for Flowlens integration. This will help ensure that the integration between Flowlens and Xero is more secure and also can be managed by the admin user of Flowlens.

Company Page - New Interaction Bug Fix

Against a company, when adding an interaction, the company is now populating with the interaction which was not saving in recent weeks.

Sales Lead Breakdown Report

New reports that shows all the fields against a sales leads and simplifies the number of fields shown on the sales lead index.

Sales Orders - PDF Updates

Packing List PDF Update to include columns for 'Part Name' & 'Default Location' Dispatch PDF - Update to include columns for 'Part Name'

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