Product Releases - March 2020

Parts - Showing Supplier Currency

On a part, update to show the currency of the supplier on the edit screen. This is to help give context when setting the cost price value.

Parts Index - Track Stock Filter

On the parts index, inclusion of a filter for track stock yes/no.

Part Stock Level Report - Updates

On the Part Stock Level Report, the following updates have been made;

Default view to only show stock that has track stock set to yes. Stock graph against the part number.

Sales Lead By Stage Widget - Ordering

Updated to show the stages on this widget in the order defined in a companies Flowlens. Previously these stages were shown in alphabetical order.

Job Cards - Nested Job Cards Assets

Bug fix to correct an issue where output assets were not being generated on the system, when being created from a nested job card.

FL Reports - Index Totals On PDF

New functionality added to our reports, so that the totals displayed on the top of the report are now being shown on the PDF output as well.

Uploads For Email Attachments - Generic Section

Update to provide the ability to have a generic section for email attachments that can be added to all email attachments. Previously attachments for emails came from the uploads of that lead/order etc and the company associated with it. In the settings section of Flowlens there is now an option for System Wide Uploads. Uploads added here will now be available to attach to emails sent out from the system.

Parts - Internal Notes

For a part we have included a text field for ‘Internal Notes’. Additionally, on the Parts index, the internal notes field is a searchable field within the Keyword search filter.

PO - GRN Modal & Supplier Number

On the GRN screens and PDF output, we have included a column for the Supplier Part Number (if applicable) so that it is consistent with the details sent to the supplier and what will be received back from them.

Purchase Orders - Default Supplier Notes

Users will now be able to define default text for Supplier Notes in the company details page [/settings/company-details].

Sales Order - Default Delivery Notes

Users will now be able to define default text for Delivery Notes in the company details page [/settings/company-details].

Sales Lead Index - Updates

On the sales lead index, we have made the following updates:

Remove Average Value Box Add "Total On Hold" Add "Sales Leads Total" (Which is the total of all status' being shown.)

The purpose of this, is along with the PDF totals update, it will be more effective for board reporting.

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