Product Releases - April 2020

MRP Requirements Page - Updates

  • MRP Update to show PO where part has been added to (SG to review how this is linked)
  • Filter for those that have a PO raised/ not raised
  • Add modal to Ordered

Service Job Cards - Assets

  • On the Service Job Card Index & Jobs tab rename affected item > Affected Asset/Part

Part - Components Tab

  • On the components tab of a part, can we add a column for "Has Components?" with to identify others which will have potential sub-assemblies, rather than clicking every part on the list to try and identify them.

Part - Components List Edit & Ordering

  • On the components list of a part, allow for the parts listed to be edited and re-ordering if required by the user.

FL Reports - Monthly Totals

  • Reports in Flowlens now have the functionality to include the total of a column at the bottom of the report onscreen.

Sales Invoices - Sent To Accountancy Package Filter

  • On the Sales Invoice Index, can we add a filter for "Sent To Accountancy Package" Yes/No.

Sales Quote - Line Item Margin Bug

  • Update to ensure the Margin percentage for showing correct for all potential scenarios.

Archiving Assets

  • Ability to Archive an asset on the system. This will include additional information against the asset of 'Archived Date', 'Reason for Archiving' and "Additional Notes'.

Service Job Cards - Stock Reservations Sell Price

  • Against a service job cards, include a value for 'Stock Reservations Sell Price'
  • This will be the total sell price for all stock reservations line items.
  • It is to show the expected sell price for parts used if a quote is created on the service, so that a manual calculation of all parts is not needed in the scenario of a quote line item of 'Materials' being used.

Servicing - Dispatching Parts

  • On a service, new functionality that allows you to dispatch stock from 'Affected Parts' so that it can be taken from the stock on hand value against the part.

Services - Address Details

  • New report that allows users to report and filter Service by Address details.

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