Product Releases - August 2020

Form Responses - Editable Name

  • Form responses now have the ability to have an editable name.

Address Index - Address Type Filter

  • On the Address Index page, include a multi-select filter for Address Type.

Sales Order Index - Totals

  • On the Sales Order Index, include two additional totals in the coloured boxes, so that we will have 4 for:
  • Net Total (Yellow)
  • Carriage (Blue)
  • Total ExVAT (Green)
  • Total Inc VAT (Green)

Projects - Notes Field

  • Against a Project, include a 'Notes' field. This would be available on the new/edit modals of a project.
  • 'Internal Notes' of a sales orders brought across from the Sales order if the project is generated from one, otherwise it will be blank.

Bug Fix - Dispatches can be cancelled multiple times

If a dispatch is open in multiple tabs it can be voided from each of them, causing erroneous stock movements. This has now been corrected.

New Report - Sales Invoices by Sales User Report

  • Report to help breakdown sales commission for invoices raised against sales orders.

Service Job Cards - Credit Note Option

  • Against a SJC, we have included an option for 'Generate Credit Note' below the invoice option in the actions menu.

Service Job Card PDF - Asset Serial Number

  • On a SJC PDF, the Asset Serial Number field is not being populated, even if the SJC is raised against an asset.
  • This should be populated withe the Asset Serial Number if raised against an asset.

Services - Ignore Discrepancy Option

  • Against a Service we added an option to Ignore a discrepancy between the service Total and raised invoices.

Job Card Consumed Stock Report - Project Filter

  • On this report, included a filter for "Projects". Previously, you could only filter by job cards, but if you are looking to see a breakdown of multiple JC within a project, this was not possible.

Assets - Search Filter on SO Dispatch

  • On our asset search, update so that the layout of the search is now on multiple lines, and results are sorted by asset serial number.

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