Product Releases - September 2020

Projects/Sales Orders - Add ability to link forms

  • Added functionality of Forms to both Sales Orders and Projects in Flowlens.

Service Quotes - Rejection Reason

  • For Service Quotes, added a settings option that allows the dropdown of Rejection Reasons to be defined by the user.

Service Quote PDF - Field Name Incorrect

  • On the Service Quote PDF, on the field in the bottom left hand corner - the field name is incorrect and has been updated to 'Quote Ref No.'

Sale Lead Breakdown Report - Status Column

  • On this report a column for 'Status' has been included.

Task Report - Date Created Column & Filter

  • On this report we have added a column and filter for "Date Created". This will help get a better understanding of when tasks have been added to help prioritisation.

PO List Widget - Awaiting Approval Filter

  • Update to correct a bug that was causing this the 'Awaiting Approval' filter to not be applied correctly.

POLI Report - Unit Cost Column

  • On this report we have included a column for 'Unit Cost', which the the Purchase Order Line Item(POLI) unit cost.

Part Component Stock level report - Cost Price Column

  • On this report we have included a column for 'Unit Cost', which the the Parts cost price.

Stock Take Location - Category Filter 

  • On an individual location page for a stock take, we have included a filter for 'Part Category'.

Part Locations Report - Totals

  • On this report, we have included two totals at the top of the report for 'Total Cost Price' and 'Total Sell Price'.

GRN PDF - Updates

  • On the GRN PDF, we have made the following updates;
    • Included a column for 'Description'.
    • Removed a column for 'Received By'.
    • 'Received By' is now included in the footer of the PDF.

Asset Details Report - Updates

We have made the following updates to this report;

  • Exclude Cancelled Dispatches > Scenario has arisen where the same asset in being seen against the same SO and causing confusion.
  • SO Column - Based on dispatch > On the SO column of the report, updated so that the SO of the dispatch is against this column.
  • Remove the ‘Sales Order Dispatch Status’ filter on that report.
  • Rename the report to “Dispatched Assets Details Report”, with the description of “Report on dispatched assets from your Sales Orders”.
  • On this report, also need to add an 'Active' filter which is defaulted to "Active".

Sage/Zynk - Invoice Type Field

  • When Sales Invoices are created in Flowlens, there is now a new field for those customers who have Sage integration for 'Invoice Type' and the information will be passed through to Sage to create the correct invoice.

Stock Requirements - Stock Ordered Column Bug

  • On the stock Requirements page, bug fix to correct an issue with the 'Stock Ordered' column  not showing the correct value.

New Report - Purchase Orders and Associated Job cards Report

  • New report to compare raised POs with the JC stock reservations they originated from.

New Report -  Sales Order Date Comparison Report

  • New report to compare number of days between an orders confirmed date and fully dispatched date.

Forms - Additional Answer Types

  • New answer type searches included in forms for the following;
    • Service
    • Service Job Card
    • Sales Order
    • Purchase Order
    • Project
    • Job Card

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