Product Releases - October 2020

Data security features

  • Update against users to limit ability to download data via the PDF, CSV and XLSX (Excel) button on index pages and reports.
  • Also, to see which users have downloaded this data, Admin users can visit the ‘See Report Downloads’ in the reports menu. 

Report - Purchase Order Invoice Line Item Report 

  • New report to show the breakdown of PO Invoices by line item. Previously, this could only been seen for the overall total of the purchase order invoice.

Flowlens - PO visibility for supplier

  • We’ve introduced the ability to include a link in the email sent to your suppliers, enabling them to view and respond to the purchase order in their browser, (don’t worry you can still send the purchase order PDF). Note, suppliers don’t have access to your Flowlens data, just the same information they get on the purchase order PDF.
  • This allows Flowlens to log when the PO has been opened and how many times it has been viewed. When Suppliers add notes to the purchase order you’ll be notified by email. 

MRP Requirements - Update

  • On The MRP Requirements page, update to include a status filter so that by default only parts from Open and In Progress job cards are shown.

Form responses - Company Details on Print 

  • On the Print out of a form response, we have included the following company details taken from settings:
    • Company Name
    • Billing Address
    • Logo
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Website

Services - Customer Reference

  • We have added a 'Customer Reference' field against a Service.
  • This field has been included in the new/edit modals and overview of a service.
  • On the PDFs that can be downloaded on a Service, this is included on the footer of these.

Services - To Be Invoiced Value Calculation

  • Bug fix to correct an issue on a Service where the 'To Be Invoiced' value was showing the Net Total of all revisions of a quote, rather than just the current revision.

Default Email text - Ignoring New Lines 

  • Update so that for the default email text in Settings > Company Details - where there is new lines in the text, this is now being reflected when the text is added to the emails.

JC MRP Tab - Parts With a Supplier Multiple Times 

  • Bug fix to correct an issue on the MRP tab, where a part that had the same supplier multiple times (same part but different supplier part number/model) was showing multiple times on the list, and is now only showing once.

Sales Orders - Stages

  • Field added against Sales Orders for 'Sales Stages' that help standardise Sales Orders with similar functionality available in sales leads/purchase orders and services.
  • To populate this field with stages relevant to your business, this can be found in Settings > Enquiries & Sales > Sales Order Stages.

Suppliers - 'Orders' Tab Download

  • On the Orders tab of a Supplier, the CSV and PDF downloads now include PO's for just that specific supplier rather than all PO's.

Parts - Components Tab > Description Column

  • On the components tab for a part update to rename the 'Description' column to 'Notes'. This will help to reduce confusion where users expected the parts description field to be populated here.
  • The main reason to have this column is to be descriptive for the component appearing in the BOM for a manufactured part.

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