Product Releases - December 2020

Zynk - Sage Ref / Ex Ref

  • When a Purchase Invoice is sent to Sage via Zynk, the Flowlens Invoice Number (FL-BIL-*****) is now populated in the "Ref" column on the list of Sage PIs (these appear under the 'Transactions' menu option). The Supplier Invoice Number now populates in the "Ex Ref" column.

Sales Summary by Customer Report - downloads blank CSV

  • Update to correct a bug which was causing this report to produce blank downloaded files.

Invoicing Index Pages - Updates

  • Update to the invoice index pages so that the default view excludes those with the status of cancelled.
  • In addition to this, the totals at the top of the page updated to show 4 boxes for DRAFT, AUTHORISED, PAID and TOTAL.
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