Product Releases - February 2021

Sales Lead Index - New Widget

  • On the Sales lead index a new bar chart widget for "Sales Lead Value by Stage"

Projects - Time Estimated Field

  • On the edit modal field of a project we have a field 'Time Estimated’. Validation added to this field to ensure that if left blank it does not cause the project to have an error message appear.

Companies Import Template - Update for EORI Field

  • We have recently updated Flowlens to include functionality for Commercial invoices. Linked to this there is the EORI field against companies and this has been added to our company import template.

Form Template Question - Address Search

  • Added additional Answer Types for Address search to the list of responses for a form template question.

Parts Forecast Modal - Update

  • On the Parts Forecast modal, the ‘Is Manufactured’ fields was not updating after the part itself has been changed - This has now been corrected.

Parts Data Import - Manufactured Field

  • On the parts import template, update to ensure the column "Is Manufactured" is updating the corresponding field in the system for all imports.

Parts Import Template - Update for Commercial Invoicing Fields

  • We have recently updated Flowlens to include functionality for Commercial invoices. Linked to this there is the 4 fields which are held against a part and have now been added to the parts import template.
  • These fields are Weight (KG), Country of Origin, Sales Commodity Code and Purchase Commodity Code.

Commercial Invoice - addition of unit price field

  • Additional column added for ‘Unit Price' on both the overview, and on the commercial invoice PDF.

Initial Stock Take Import 

  • An initial upload for new customers. A CSV template can be downloaded and completed for all the parts that are non-assertable and trackable with the part names down the left of the CSV, and the part locations all listed along the top.
  • Users can enter the number of the part in each location, then upload it and Flowlens works out the total amount.

Quotes and Orders - Company Currency

  • When creating the following orders in Flowlens, an update to ensure that the currency is populated from the company selected.
    • Sales Quote against a sales lead.
    • Sales Order from a Sales Lead.
    • Service Quote from a Service.
    • Sales order and Purchase Order from a company.

Purchase Order - GRN Modal

  • On the Purchase Order GRN (Goods Received Note) pop-up, an update allows users to hover over the part number, and see the line items full description.

Sage Integration Customers - Settings Page

  • The ability to add nominal accounts, and tax rates, has been removed on Settings pages as this data is provided via the integration.

Sales Quote Index - Net Totals & Base Currency

  • For the totals of the Sales Quote Index, we have updated the totals on the top of the page to include values based on the following status':
    • Draft
    • Sent
    • Accepted by Customer 
    • Converted by Order 
    • Declined by Customer
    • Total (Net)

Invoicing/Credit Notes Line Items - Bulk Update

  • Against Invoices and credit note line items, customers can now bulk update nominal accounts and tax codes.

Marketing Lists - Company Type Multi-Select

  • Against marketing lists, the ‘company type’ dropdown is multi-select when doing bulk update for company or contact.

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