Product Releases - March 2021

Sales Lead - Sales Stages Updates

  • Update on sales leads so that the sales stage column will be updated to blank at the point in which a sales lead is marked as won or lost, as the stage is no longer relevant at these points in the workflow.

Interactions - Date Created Column

  • Additional column added to the interactions report for "Date Created".

Sales Invoices by Sales User Report - Updates

  • Update on this report to include to the "Sent To Accountancy" filter.

Purchase Invoices Index - Invoice Date

  • Update to this report to replace the "Received On" date column with the "Invoice Date" column.

Sales Orders Index - Default Filters

  • Update on the Sales Order index to have the status filter include the following as default on loading of the page.
    • In Progress
    • Order Sent
    • Order Confirmed
    • Dispatched

FL Projects - Additional Costs

  • Against job cards on Flowlens, we now have the ability to add 'Additional Costs' to a job card.
  • This is a separate section from Stock Reservations and allows costs to be added that will not be classed as stock on the system.
  • These additional costs are then totalled against the job card and project, being added to the overall costings total for the project.

Company - Payment Terms

  • Updates have been made to our payment terms functionality, allowing the more variation in how the date is will be set.
  • The new options available when setting a payment term now include;
    • [N] Day(s) after the invoice date
    • On the [N] date of this month
    • On the [N] date of next month

Xero - Branding Themes Option

  • Update to correct a bug that was preventing the Branding Theme value being sent through to Xero from a Sales Invoice in Flowlens.

Xero Accountancy Integration - Authorisation Process

  • In response to feedback from customers, the ability to Authorise invoices in Flowlens will be removed. Invoices will be sent to Xero in Draft state – with Authorisation/ Sending of the Invoices done from Xero. Xero will update the authorised status of the invoice to Flowlens on a daily basis. This has been removed in response to feedback from customers and helps avoid invoices being authorised by users who won’t necessarily have access to Xero and ensures a more robust authorisation step in the process.

Job card - Stock reservations Part Number

  • Part number has now been included as a column in the stock reservations listing of a job card. Previously this column had only shown part name.

Commercial Invoices - Country of Origin

  • A column for 'Country of Origin' has been added to the line items of a commercial invoice.

Parts Import - CSV Columns

On the parts import CSV, additional validation has been added to ensure that if columns are missing the import will not proceed until the appropriate CSV has been added.

Sales Quotes - Parts Search

  • Update to the UI of the part search in Sales Quotes to ensure that for any customers with longer part numbers/names, that they are shown as expected on the filtered search results.

Emailed Enquiries - Default Assigned User

  • Update for clients to give an option in settings to define the user who should be assigned enquiries that have been emailed through to the Flowlens system.

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