Product Releases - September 2021


  • Companies - Financial notes section:
We have added a ‘company account notes’ field against companies as we learned there may be certain financial details that are relevant in relation to payments and it would be beneficial to display these details against specific areas of the system when an order is generated
  • Currency set from Sales Quotes converted into Sales Orders:
We made a change so when a sales quote is converted to a sales order, users are no longer able to change the currency. This helps to ensure consistency between the sales quote and associated sales order, and if another currency is needed, a new sales quote should be created and converted.
  • Multi select Category filter added to the parts index page:
On the parts index page we have updated our category filter so it is multi-select, to allow customers to search for parts in more than one category at once. These categories can be reordered by going to Settings > Categories > Switch to Tree View, and dragging and dropping them into the desired order.
  • Include part number in invoices created from service quotes:
For consistency with other parts of the system we have updated invoices that have been created from service quotes so the part number and part description both show against the line item.
  • New Modal required after marking service as spam:
We have added a new modal that appears when marking a service (without any open job cards) as spam. This includes a confirmation box so the user can agree that they want to mark it as spam, as an extra step of validation for customers. 
  • Service Quotes - reordering line items:
We have updates service quotes so line items can be reordered on screen by the user. This can be done by dragging and dropping the line items in the desired order. 
  • Credit notes by service user report:
Within our Finance section of Reports, we added a ‘Credit notes by Service User’ report to help show credit notes raised against services
  • Project Profitability Report - SO assigned to:
We have updated our ‘Project Profitability Report’ to include a sortable column and filter for ‘sales order assigned to’
  • Companies in Import Format Report:
We added a column for ‘Company Account notes’ for consistency with the Companies import template. 
  • Addition of Status filter on the 'Sales Summary by Part 'report:
On the Sales Summary by Part report we added a filter for Sales Order Status to give users more flexibility with refining searches.
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