Product Releases - July/August 2021


  •  Company - Updated our Payment Terms
In settings we have the ability to define payment terms, that are saved against companies on the system. We have provided more flexibility on how to calculate the Due date and are now able to set a payment term for:
X Days - Day(s) after the invoice date
X Days - of the following month
X Days - of the current month
This information is carried through to the company and is reflected in their invoices. 
  • Commercial invoice - Added 'country of origin' - We added a ‘country of origin’ fields against Parts which gets pulled through to commercial invoices
  • Commercial invoices - Added delivery address to PDF - Delivery address was added to the commercial invoice pdf
  • Sales Lead - Sales Stages Updates - Against Sales Leads we have the concept of Sales Stages that is used to define where a sales lead is in the sales process while open (e.g. qualified). We made an update so if a Sales Stage doesn’t have a percentage value saved against it in Settings, it still displays the sales stage name within the ‘Current Stage’ column on the Sales Lead index. We also made an update so when a sales lead is marked as won/lost in Flowlens, the sales stage field is updated to be blank as this is no longer a valid sales stage. 
  • Dispatches - Make reason for voiding dispatch a required field - Against Sales Order dispatches we made a change so you have to provide a reason for voiding a dispatch. This is helpful for users as they can record the reason for voiding, but also ensures that dispatches aren’t voided by mistake.
  • Assets - New feature - Bulk Dispatch
We have included new bulk dispatch functionality within Sales Order Dispatching so assets can be dispatched in bulk. Users can choose to assign assets by serial number, by location, or by projects where assets that have been built in a project will be automatically assigned. To help with large orders we also have the ability to bulk remove lines from the dispatch, or remove lines that are unassigned. Additionally, users can manually assign assets against the dispatch by using our asset search. 
  • Add 'ignore discrepancy' filter to SO and Sales Invoice index
On the Sales Order and Sales Invoice Index we added an ‘ignore discrepancy’ filter. This allows customers to easily search for orders/invoices that are still outstanding so need to be followed up.
  • Job Card - stock reservations - add ‘part number’
Within job cards in the stock reservations area we updated our part column to include part number (in addition to the part name that had previously been showing).
FL Projects - New feature for additional Costs
We have added the concept of ‘additional costs’ against job cards for any costs that need to be included in the job, other than material or labour costs. These additional costs can be added to the job card and will contribute to the overall cost of the job, and in turn, the project (and this can be seen in the project overview). We have also added an ‘additional costs’ column to the following reports:
  • project profitability report
  • manufactured parts job card report
  • Job card profitability report
Within the additional costs section on a job card, we also added a dropdown to select a category. Categories for these additional costs can be added by going to Settings > Additional Cost Category.
  • Service Quote PDF - changed PDF file name
For consistency with our sales quote pdf, we have updated the file name of our service quote pdf to ‘service-quotation-00007-10001.pdf’ i.e. added the’ service-quotation’ text. This helps users to know what each download is without having to click into it for more information. 
  • Parts - New flag for 'Sellable Part'
Against parts, we added a flag for ‘Sellable Part.’ This is shown in the part form upon creation and editing, on the part overview, and on the parts index page as a filter. It has also been added to our parts import and can be seen on the parts import report. The reason for this is so users can mark parts as sellable or non sellable and only those parts that are marked as sellable will show up on the sales order and sales quote searches. 
  • Purchase Order - Update so unapproved PO can't be downloaded as PDF
When we have a purchase order that requires approval, we have now made an update so ‘download pdf’ does not appear in the Actions menu. Once the PO has been approved, this option to download the pdf will appear again, but it stops unapproved PDFs from being able to be downloaded and printed. 
  • Stock Requirements - Addition of PO Delivery Address
On the Stock requirements page we made an update so when the PO sidebar is shown, the PO delivery address is included. This allows users to quickly search for and add the PO delivery address to the PO upon creation. 
  • GRN PDF - Addition of GRN number
On the GRN PDF, include the GRN Ref Number on the header.
  • Parts Notes Field - Clickable URLs in Part Description
Against parts we have a description field. This field has been updated so if urls are added, the URL can be clicked on and you will be brought directly to the website. 
  • Xero/Invoices - Remove "Authorise" option
For Xero customers we removed the option to ‘Authorise invoice’, within Flowlens. This means that only people who have access to Xero are able to authorise an invoice, making it more easy to manage internally.
  • Purchase Invoices Index - Updated 'Received to' to 'Invoice Date'
On the Purchase Invoice index page we replaced the column and filter for ‘Received on’ to ‘Invoice Date’ as this information is more relevant to our customers. 
  • Invoicing Indexes - Addition of column and filter for 'Created by'
Against our sales invoices, purchase invoices, sales credit and purchase credit index pages we added a column and filter for ‘Created by.’ This shows the user that generated the invoice/credit note that was added to the system and makes it easy to search for invoices created by a specific user.
  • Service Job Cards - Additional Costs
Against Service Job cards we added the concept of ‘Additional Costs.’ This is a way of adding costs on to a service job card that are not standard parts on Flowlens, or labour costs. This information will then be used to calculate the total in the Service job card with the Additional Cost for all service job cards being accumulated on the Service.
-Service Quote - PDF Update

On the Service Quote PDF, we made an update to include the service title, below the reference number. 
  • Sales Invoices by Sales User Report - addition of 'sent to accountancy' filter
On the Sales invoices by sales user report we included the filter for ‘sent to accountancy.’ This is to help users quickly search for the invoices that have been sent to the accountancy package so they can easily identify what invoices still need to be sent. 
  • Purchase Order Line Item Report - Addition of 'Buyer' column and filter
On the Purchase Order Line item report we updated the PO number column to just include the number and revision of the purchase order. We also added a sortable column and filter for ‘Buyer’ so users can quickly search through POs that were created by specific users.
  • Sales Invoices by Service User Report - New Report
Within our Finance section of Reports we added a ’Sales Invoices by Service user’ report. This is used to help breakdown sales commission for invoices raised against services. 
  • Add status filter to Items Dispatched Report  - addition of 'dispatch filter'
On the Items Dispatched Report we added a dispatch status filter, that defaults to ‘dispatched.’ This is so cancelled dispatches don’t show up, by default, in the items dispatched report as it was leading to some confusion amongst users. 
  • Companies in Import Format - Updated to account for EORI number column
Within the Companies in import format report, we added a column for EORI number to match the information that is stored against Companies on the system. 
  • Interactions Report  - Addition of Date Created Column
On the Interactions Report we added a filter and sortable column for ‘Date Created.’ This is so users can quickly search for interactions created on a specific date, or date range.
-Sales Order Line Item Report - ability to make a widget from this report

We have added the ability to make a list view widget from the Sales Order Line Item report. 
  • Job Cards - Additional Costs Report - New Report
A new report for ‘Job Cards - Additional costs report’ was created to help show the breakdown for additional costs against job cards. 
  • Service Job Cards - Additional Costs Report - New Report
A new report for ‘Service Job cards - Additional costs report’ was created to help show the breakdown for additional costs against service job cards
  • New Report - Sales Invoicing By Month - New Report
A new report for ‘sales invoicing by month’ was created to show SO invoices grouped by customer and month. 
  • Sales Invoices by Sales User - Line Item breakdown Report - New Report
A new report for ‘Sales Invoices by sales user - Line item breakdown report’ was created to help the line item breakdown of sales commission for invoices raised against sales orders.
  • Sales Summary by part - New Report
A new report for ‘Parts Sales Summary By Month’ was created to show part sales grouped by month.
  • Credit Notes by Sales Order User Report - New Report
A new report for ‘Credit Notes by Sales Order User Report’ was created to help show credit notes raised against sales orders. 
  • Allow clients to set enquiry default user
Within Settings, it is now possible to set a default user who will receive enquiries that have been automatically created and are not otherwise assigned to anyone. This can be found in Settings > Default Enquiry User
  • Form Templates - Print Option
Forms can be found across the system and we have updated them so on the actions menu on the form response tab, we now show the option to ‘Print.’ This opens the form on a new tab which can easily be printed.
  • Sales Lead by Source Widget - New Widget
On the Sales Lead index we included a widget for ‘Sales lead by source.’ This is a Bar chart that shows the number of sales leads by sources. 
  • Service Job Card Consumed Stock Report - New Widget
We added a widget for the Service Job Card consumed stock report.
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