Product Releases - April 2022

Sales and Invoicing -

Invoices - part name/description
For consistency with other areas of the system we have made an update to show [Part Number] [Revision][Part Name] [Part Description] on the following: sales invoices generated from sales orders; invoices generated from sales order dispatches; pro-forma invoices generated from sales orders; commercial invoices generated from sales orders; and sales credit notes generated from sales orders.

Sales Leads - Name Field
A new field for 'Lead Name' has been added against Sales Leads within the edit page, overview and Sales Lead index. This is a free text field that gives users the option to add a name to the lead, if required.

Cancelling Dispatches - 'Dispatched On 'date
An update have been made to cancelled dispatches so the 'Dispatched On' date gets updated to N/A at the point of a dispatch being cancelled. Previously the original 'Dispatched On' date was still showing in the case of a cancelled dispatch.

Revised sales orders - invoices/credit notes carried through to new revision
Previously if a sales order was revised and the original version had pro-forma invoices, sales invoices, credit notes or commercial invoices against it, they were not all carried through to the new revised version. We have updated this so if a revision is made to a sales order, these 4 items are all carried through.

Projects and Job Cards -

Job Card Consumed Stock Report - Additional column
We have updated the 'Job Card Consumed Stock' report so now we have a column for 'Project' and the 'Ref No' column is now renamed to 'Job Card'.

Black screen when editing project checklist from View modal
We have fixed an issue that was present where users saw a black screen if they edited project checklists within the view modal. This is now showing the modal, as expected.

QuickBooks - 

Deleted invoices 
Previously if an invoice had been made in Flowlens then sent to QuickBooks but on QuickBooks it was deleted, if a user tried to 'Refresh from QuickBooks' in Flowlens, nothing would happen and they were stuck. 

We have made an update to this so if the invoice has been deleted in QuickBooks after it was sent from Flowlens, upon clicking 'Refresh from QuickBooks', the user sees a pop up that states 'Invoice not found on QuickBooks. Please verify if this invoice with QuickBooks ID xxx exists in your QuickBooks account. If not, the invoice can be unlinked from QuickBooks and either re-sent or cancelled. Do you wish to unlink this invoice from QuickBooks now?'

If the user chooses to unlink the invoice, the invoice (on Flowlens) goes back to having a status of Draft and the user can either cancel the invoice or choose to send it again.

Invoice currency
We have fixed a bug where the currency of an invoice wasn't sending through to QuickBooks correctly if it didn't match the currency of the company. This has been updated and the correct currency is being sent through for invoices.

Purchasing and Stock - 

Part Locations - Track Stock Parts
We have fixed a bug on the part location page so only parts that have track stock set to yes are included in the stock figures for a location.

Outstanding Purchase Orders Report - Supplier Filter
Within the 'Outstanding Purchase Orders Report' we have fixed a bug on the 'Supplier' filter so results are refined to the supplier that was searched for.

Duplicate part name when converting Purchase Order to Purchase Invoice
We previously had an issue where the part name was showing twice against a Purchase Invoice when it was created from a Purchase Order. This has been updated so on the Purchase invoice overview and PDF, part name only shows once.

Stock Requirements - Supplier Preference
On the Stock Requirements page we have updated the 'Supplier' column to be 'Supplier (Preference)' and rows within that now include the supplier preference.

Purchase Order - Line numbering
An enhancement has been made to Purchase Orders where line numbering is now displayed against the line items. This is useful for users as they are quickly able to identify how many line items are included in their PO.

Purchase Order Cost Variance Report - Date Filters
A bug has been fixed within the 'PO Cost Variance Report' so now the 'Approved at' and 'Date received' filters show the correct results when a rolling date range is applied.

Login Screen - Referral details
We have added an enhancement for the Login Screen so now users are able to see offers available to users who refer Flowlens.

Reporting - 

New Report - 'Sales Invoicing By Month - Invoice Date'
A new report called 'Sales Order Invoicing By Month - Invoice Date' has been added where sales order invoices are grouped by customer & month of the invoice date. This is available to users with the Finance permission.

New Report - 'Purchase Invoicing By Month - Invoice Date'
A new report called 'Purchase Invoicing By Month - Invoice Date' has been added where purchase invoices are grouped by customer & month of the invoice date. This is available to users with the Finance permission.

Interactions report - addition of totals boxes
We have added 2 coloured boxes to show the 'number of interactions' as well as 'time spent' on both the 'Interactions Report' and 'My Interactions' report.

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