Product Releases - June 2022

PDF header updates
We have updated the headers across Sales Quotes, service quotes and returns to include ‘contact details’ text. Updates were also made to Sales Order PDF, Packing List PDF, Dispatch PDF, PO PDF and GRN PDF to include a delivery address column.

Job Card PDF - addition of part internal notes
An update has been made to the Job Card PDF to include the internal notes for the part that is being manufactured. This can be found within the 'Manufacturing Details' section of the Job Card PDF, under the part number.
Sales Order PDF - discount column
We have made an update to the Sales Order PDF so, similar to the Sales Quote PDF, we display a discount column if a discount has been applied to the Sales Order. Please note, this column only appears on the PDF is a discount is applied.


  • 'BOM vs Cost price' report - new filters
On this report we have added the following filters:
- is manufactured
- active parts
- cost price not equal to BOM price
  • 'Job Card Profitability Report' - new filter
On this report we have added a new multi-select filter for part category.
  • Sales Order profitability report - new column
We have added a new 'order' name column to the Sales Order Profitability report. This is the SO name that is set by the user when creating a Sales Order.
  • 'BOM v Part Cost' Report - update to category filter
An update has been made to the category filter so it is now multi-select.

Bug Fix: Sales order invoice/pro-forma invoice tab 

We fixed a bug against the Invoice and Pro-forma invoices against a Sales Order, where previously the CSV weren't downloading. CSVs can now be downloaded as expected from both tabs.

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