Product Releases - August 2022

Here are the latest Flowlens updates:

Sales Order Clear Downs

Originally if a customer had a sales order that was partially dispatched (but they weren’t planning on dispatching any more of it), it remained with a status of ‘order confirmed’ and a dispatch status of ‘partially dispatched' which was causing inaccuracies in reports. We have introduced Sales Order Clear Down capabilities so users can see what’s actually fully dealt with and won't need to be worked on anymore. 
Now when a Clear Down is carried out, the status gets updated to ‘Dispatched’ and dispatch status is ‘Dispatched (Clear down).' 
Along with the new functionality, we have made the following changes:
  • On the Sales order index page we now have a filter for ‘clear down performed’.
  • Against a SO that is partially dispatched, the Clear Down function will update the outstanding quantities. A pop up asks the user to confirm that they want to clear down the quantities as it is a final step and can’t be undone.
  • When a clear down is performed, the activity log records the clear down including who it was done by/at what time.
  • When a sales order clear down is done the dispatched status of the order gets updated to ‘dispatched (clear down)’. This is to differentiate between normal fully dispatched orders.
  • Upon clearing down a sales order, the total of the sales order line items is recalculated (in addition to the 'to be invoiced' figure) so it shows the figure that’s actually relevant to the sale after it’s cleared down.
  • Once a clear down is performed the stock reserved and stock available figures are updated to show that they are not expecting to dispatch any more of those parts for the order.
  • Against a clear down sales order we have a column on the SOLI for original quantity and then the adjusted quantity. This allows users to have insight into the original figures vs the new amounts.

Company Data - Address type

We have fixed a bug on the company data import where the address type wasn't being populated when it was imported via the csv.

Sales Invoices - Generated within Services

An update has been made to invoices created through Service Quotes and Service Job Cards so now the line item contains part number, revision, part name and description, for consistency with other parts of the system.

Sales Quote Margin Report

We have made an update to the Sales Quote Margin report so the PDF output contains the data in the report, and the quote date filter now filters the data accordingly.
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