GDPR In Flowlens

GDPR law dictates that if a users logs any contacts details, they should have first acquired the permission to take and log that information.

If consent is not obtained directly, users should record the source via which the consent was obtained. Along with logging the consent source, users should also record people's marketing preferences.

GDPR Compliance in 'Edit Contact'

In addition to the above, the contact can at any point in time request for their details to be removed from your system. If this is requested, users are obliged to redact the contact's information through the 'GDPR - Right to be forgotten' feature.

Contact removal can be achieved in the Flowlens application using fields and actions which are available in both Company and Contact pages. 

  • GDPR Consent
    • This is a boolean field. It is used to indicate whether or not you have obtained the consent of the contact/company to store their data.
    • It is set to 'False' by default, but should be set to 'True' if consent is obtained at the point of creation.
  • GDPR source
    • This is a free drop down list which should first be created in settings for them to be available for use in contacts and companies.
    • This signifies where users originally found the information for the contact/company and that contact/company's marketing preferences.
  • Marketing Preference
    • It is a multi-select list , which should first be defined in settings, and allows the user to note all the ways the contact/company have given them the permission to market and contact them.
  • Right to be forgotten
    • If a contact/company requests their data to be removed from your system, then the action to 'Right to be forgotten' can be used from the actions menu on both contact and company.
    • Once this action is performed it cannot be reverted.
    • By performing this action, the company/contact record is redacted and can not be viewed by anyone, either on the UI or on the database.
    • However, if there are any sales/service/invoices raised for the contact/company, then those objects are not deleted ensuring that the sales, finance and stock reports are all correct at any point. 
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