Non-GDPR compliant companies & contacts

In adding a new company or contact, or editing an existing company and contact, users will be presented with a toggle box named 'GDPR consent?' (No/Yes). If no consent has been provided by the company or contact in question, select 'No'.

GDPR Compliance, located in Edit Contact/Company sections

Any companies or contacts with GDPR consent toggled to 'No' will display under the Company/Contacts 'Non GDPR compliant' lists. These lists provide a clear, unambiguous way for users to see which of their contacts or companies have not yet provided GDPR consent.

GDPR Compliancy lists, located in Flowlens top menu bar 'Contacts' section

Once a company or contact has provided consent, users should edit the company or contact and toggle 'GDPR consent?' to 'Yes'.

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