Converting an enquiry to a sales lead

Users can convert an enquiry into a sales lead using the following process:

  1. Open the enquiry.
  2. Select 'Convert to Sales Lead' from the 'Actions' drop-down.
  3. Confirm the choice ('Do you want to convert this enquiry into a sales lead? (Yes/No))
'Convert To Sales Lead' link, Actions drop-down menu

Once an enquiry has been converted into a sales lead, it will become non-editable, but will still display on the Enquiries index page list. The newly-created sales lead will display on the sales lead list on the Sales Lead page.

Users can determine whether a sales lead has an associated, original enquiry by selecting the 'Actions' drop-down on the new sales lead. If applicable, a 'View original enquiry' link will display in the drop-down and selecting this will bring the user back to the original enquiry.

'View Original Enquiry' link, located in the Sales Lead 'Actions' drop-down

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