Differences between a sales lead, sales quotation and sales order

The Flowlens application allows for total coverage of a company's sales and stock management process, as well as providing added traceability and other business-friendly features at each step of the sales process.

Sales Leads

Should a potential sale or lead arise, users can log these by creating sales leads. To create a sales lead, go to the sales lead page and select 'New Sales Lead'.

Sales Quotations 

Should the lead progress to the point where a potential customer requests a quote, users can create sales quotations. If the quotation has been created off the back of a sales lead, the quotation page will contain a field called 'Generated from' and a link back to the original sales lead.

To create a sales quotation, go to the sales quotation page and select 'New Sales Quotation'.

Sales Orders

Once a sales quote has been sent and the customer is satisfied with the potential deal, users can create a sales order within the Flowlens system.

To create a sales order, go to the sales order page and select 'New Sales Order'.

'New Sales Order' button, highlighted in the upper-right area of the sales order index page

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