Generating a project from within the sales order actions menu

Users can create projects on Flowlens in two ways:

Creating a project via a sales order

Users can create a project directly from a sales order in instances where selected order parts are defined as follows:

  1. Manufactured (Yes)
  2. Generates Unique Assets (Yes)
Required Part settings for projects created directly from a sales order

If a sales order includes parts marked as 'Yes' for the generation of unique assets, projects may need to be made to facilitate the creation of those unique assets. Rather than close the sales order and navigate to the Project's page, users can save time and effort by more efficiently selecting 'Create Project' from the 'Actions' drop-down while working on their sales order.

Creating a project on the Projects page

To create a project, go to the Projects index page and select 'New Project'.

Add a 'New Project' (highlighted)

A pop-up will display. Enter all relevant data and save by selecting the 'Create Project' button in the pop-up window.

New project creation modal

Additional Information
To determine if a part is defined as one that generates unique assets, open the part's 'Overview' tab and view the 'Generates unique assets' field. For parts generating unique assets, this should be marked as 'Yes'.
Generates Unique Assets field, Part Overview page

During part creation, users are given the option to toggle a part as one that generates unique assets:

Generates Unique Assets, toggled to 'Yes'

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