What happens if my delivery address against a sales order is a one-off site address?

Sales order deliveries will default to whichever address has been assigned to the customer, but can be changed using the following process.

Initially, users should open a new sales order through the 'New Sales Order' button on the sales order index page.

'New Sales Order' button (highlighted)

A modal window will display and users should enter all relevant company data here.

Sales order modal

Once this has been completed, select 'Create Sales Order'.

Users will be brought to a screen containing several editable fields. Sales order-related information should be entered here, including any relevant parts.

For the purposes of delivering to a one-off site address that is different from the address assigned to the customer, ensure that the 'Delivery Address' field is blank. Users may need to delete default addresses if they are displaying in this field.

Sales order screen, with Delivery Address field populated by customer's default address

Delete the address in the 'Delivery Address' field and enter the desired address within the 'Delivery Notes' field.

Delivery Address field deleted/blank, while Delivery Notes field has address entered

If this process is followed as described, the customer's default address will no longer display on sales order PDFs. The new address from the delivery notes field will display at the foot of the PDF, as seen in the example below.

Delivery Address updated with 'Delivery Notes' field data

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