Editing after a sales order is 'Marked as sent'

The Flowlens application automatically restricts user's ability to edit sales order line items once a sales order has been sent to a customer.

With the understanding that there will still be instances where a sales order is sent to a customer, the customer agrees and then circumstances change, Flowlens allows for sales order revisions. Users should create a revised order. This can be done by selecting 'Create Revision' from the original order's 'Actions' drop-down.

Create Revision feature (highlighted)

Selecting this option will create a new, revised sales order. It will contain the same information as seen in the earlier order, but will be editable. Once the relevant changes have been made, users should 'Save' the new sales order.

Creating a revised order ensures that traceability is maintained and that any orders confirmed by the customer are not tampered with. The revised order will be suffixed with (vX) - where X equals the revision number - to denote the alteration. The old sales order is set as read-only.

! Read-only restriction logic: The old sales order is set as read-only as there could be a severe risk of confusion and lost sales if an order was changed from what had been agreed, particularly if Flowlens sales order IDs matched but the content of those orders differed on the customer and sales sides.

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