Data Imports: Component Parts

! Only administrators may import data through the data import feature.

The purpose of this data import is to define the parent/child relationship between a part and it's relevant configurable components.

! All configurable parts and components must have already been recorded on the system as the purpose of this data import is to link parent and child parts together. I.E Part 1 consists of 6 components, Part 2 consists of 8 components, etc.

Users should always utilise the accompanying data import template for any data import. The Component Parts template can be downloaded from Settings > Data Imports > Component Parts > Components Template.

Components Template download button, Data import pop-up window

! We recommend that the configurable settings in Flowlens are completed prior to any import as there could be configurable fields relevant to an import. Configured settings do not need to be manually updated per individual company after they are defined, unless the preferred configuration changes.

Completing a Component Parts data import 

The link to upload data imports is found within the Settings menu.

Data Imports, Settings menu (highlighted)

Upon selecting the data imports option, users will be shown a pop-up window and asked to select the desired import. Select 'Components' from the drop-down.

Components selection, drop-down

The user must then select from the two available options:

  • Component Parts Template - To be used if the user has never used or does not have a copy of the template.
  • I've Used This Template - To be used if the user already has a clean template, perhaps from a previous import.
Component template options

Components Parts Template - This will download a zip file for the user, which contains two files - a CSV for the data import and a .txt file.

Component Parts

The user should populate the attached CSV file accurately, adding any relevant companies with exact details to the spreadsheet.

! The column headings naming and order must remain the same as the downloaded template, otherwise the import will fail when attempted.

Once the import spreadsheet is completed, save the file as a CSV.

On the Flowlens application, users will see an option to ‘Choose File’. Select this and upload the file to be imported.

'Choose File' button

Once the file has been added, the user will be given two options:

When an Existing relation is found, Flowlens should...

  • Ignore Relation
  • Update the Relation
Existing relations options drop-down

Once one of the above is selected, users will be asked to confirm the import by ticking the 'Proceed with Import' checkbox. Users will also be shown the following statement:

"By proceeding with this Data Import, you are confirming that the Data is correct, and you acknowledge that importing this Data will create/update the information already present in Flowlens. Once the Data is imported, the import cannot be rolled back."

Confirmation message

Once users select ‘Import Data’, there will be a confirmation message that the import has been scheduled.

'Import Scheduled' notification pop-up

Shortly thereafter, the system will begin to import the data.

If the import is:

Import Complete - The user will receive an email from Flowlens to confirm the number of companies that have been imported.

Import Failed - The user will receive an email from Flowlens to state the import was cancelled and the file will need to be reviewed.

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