Settings Terminology: Flowlens setup


  • These are the users who will have access to your Flowlens. This option allows administrators the ability add new users to your system, and archive users no longer within your company.

Data imports

  • The Flowlens application provides the ability to bulk import specific data in a pre-defined CSV format. Files available for import include Companies, Contacts, Parts, Supplied parts and Components.


  • The Flowlens application will be initially setup with a default currency of GBP(£), with additional currencies able to be added to help accommodate the need to have sales orders or purchase orders in an additional currency.

Mailchimp default settings

  • If you have purchased Mailchimp Integration, this is a one time setup for marketing campaign-related company details & sender details.
  • First, please create a Mailchimp API key and send it to in order to activate the link between the systems.
  • Company details and sender details are required fields for the Mailchimp API.

Payment terms

  • The dropdown fields 'Sales Payment Terms' and 'Purchase Payment Terms' will be populated in the list defined here.
  • This information is used when a Sales Order Invoice or Purchase Order Invoice is generated, populating the due date based on the invoice date + N number of days.


  • A populated list that will show as a dropdown when users are adding addresses to a company or adding information to an enquiry.

Form templates

  • Forms can be used as a way to record information against items within the Flowlens application.
  • Users can create a form using the pre-defined list of question types and select where they will be available for users to access.

Dashboard widgets

  • Dashboard widgets in Flowlens provide users with a summary of the information that currently exists on the system.
  • Users will be able to define which widgets are available for specific permissions.

Upload categories

  • This provides a list for the user to define, so that when files are uploaded they can be categorised and the list can be filtered down.

! Only certain users will have access to all areas covered in this glossary.

! Widgets available on this setting have limited customisation, and any additional requirements for a widget must be passed on to the support team to review.

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