Issues when adding a part to a purchase order

Ensure that any parts selected are linked with the chosen supplier.

If a part is not displaying during the process of adding a part to a purchase order, it is likely due to not being associated with the chosen supplier. An example is seen below:

No part acknowledged when adding PO stock

To adjust this so that relevant stock is linked to a supplier, go to the part/stock item in question and select 'Edit'. The edit feature is located on the part, or by searching for the part on the parts index list and selecting 'Edit' on the part line.

Edit Part, parts index list (highlighted)

Suppliers can be defined for any part/ stock item under edit mode. When adding a supplier to a part, The following fields should be defined:

  • Supplier
  • Supplier Preference
  • Supplier Part number
  • Lead Time
  • Unit Price
'Add Supplier' line, bottom

Users will experience issues creating purchase orders if the appropriate supplier is not added to the appropriate part.
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