Raising a purchase order

Users will not be able to add parts to a purchase order if the chosen supplier is not associated with the chosen part. 

To create a purchase order, users must first navigate to the purchase order index list.

Purchase orders index list link (highlighted)

Select 'New Purchase Order' from the purchase order index list.

New purchase order button, highlighted

A modal window will display and users should fill out all fields. The fields present are:

  • Supplier
  • Currency
  • Due Date
  • Supplier Reference
  • Buyer
  • Purchase Order Delivery Address
New purchase order modal

Once all fields are filled, select 'Create Purchase Order'. Users will be brought to a new purchase order page, where they'll have the option of defining what parts should be linked with the order. Several fields, listed below, will display on this page.

  • Buyer
  • Supplier Reference
  • Supplier Contact
  • Due Date
  • Carriage Terms
  • Carriage Cost
  • Delivery Address
  • Supplier Notes
  • Internal Notes
  • Add parts (Green + button)
New purchase order landing page

All fields should be filled out as required and any relevant parts/stock added at this stage. Once the relevant part or parts have been added, select 'Done'. The purchase order will be created.

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