Recording received goods

! Users will not be able to receive goods if those goods were never initially raised in a purchase order.

After a purchase order has been approved, users can record goods received using the following process:

Select 'Receive Items' from the purchase order's 'Actions' drop-down.

Receive Items link (highlighted)

A 'New GRN' modal window will display and users should enter all relevant details, including which items are to be received, date of receipt, delivery reference number and any other applicable notes.

New GRN modal

Once all information has been entered into the modal, select 'Create GRN'. When goods are confirmed as received, they will display within the purchase order's GRN tab.

A confirmed GRN, highlighted within the purchase order GRN tab

To confirm the receipt of the goods, select 'Approve' once the goods lines display in the GRN tab.

Returning items

Sometimes received goods will need to be returned. The process to return received items is outlined below:

On an approved purchase order with received goods (i.e goods display as received within the GRN tab), select 'Return items' from the 'Actions' drop-down.

Return items (highlighted)

A window will display. Parts received display at the bottom of the modal. Users must select all goods which they wish to return before saving. To select goods to return, click on the green '+' button on the corresponding goods line.

Before goods are marked for return

Selected goods for return will display as below:

After goods are marked for return

Now that the above goods are defined as to be returned, they have moved within the modal window from bottom to top.

If users are satisfied that all goods for return are selected and that an RMA number and reason for return have been defined, select 'Create Return'.

Users should create a new purchase order if goods have been returned and new ones are to be purchased.

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