Stock Taking in Flowlens MRP software

Keeping an accurate count of stock is vital when it comes to making decisions about purchasing stock / inventory. Customers asked us to provide a solution that is simple to use. Integrity of data is also essential, so that users, particularly those involved in making purchase decision can trust the information.

This article summarises the main steps in creating a Stock Taking, choosing locations, printing stock take sheets, updating stock levels individually, importing a bulk stock take, and finalising the stock take to update stock levels.

Create A New Stock Take

You'll need permission to use the Stock menu.

  • Click on Stock - Stock Takes.
  • Click on New Stock Take, give it a name, or leave the date reference if you prefer.
  • Choose the locations you wish to check, or select All.  

We now have a new screen for this stock take.

Here it’s possible to download printable count sheets, and depending on your preference, you can choose sheets

  • With expected counts
  • Part names only
  • Or blank location sheets

You can also create or Assign Tasks against the stock take, or upload a file or take a picture.

Stock Take Details Page

Next click on the stock take details. Here you can make individual updates for the actual count of each part in the location. You can also add additional parts to the location if you’ve discovered them during the stock take.

Bulk Upload of a Stock Take

Stock takes can also be uploaded in bulk.

  • Firstly, download the count CSV for the Location.
  • Update the Actual quantities.
  • Please note, If a part has zero items, do not delete the line. Update the actual quantity to zero.
  • Please note, any additional parts found at the location by adding a new entry on the Stock Take Details page. These can not be imported.
  • Please make sure you don’t change the column headings or part names.
  • Once complete, save the CSV
  • Click on Location Actions, and upload your CSV.

Finalise Stock Take

To conclude the stock take for this location, click on Location Actions and Finalise Count. 

This will adopt the new stock levels for the parts in this location.

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