Getting the most from your Flowlens trial

Thanks for taking the time to consider Flowlens and sign up for a free trial of our MRP Software. To get the most from the trial period here are some key things to prepare and setup in Flowlens. Please email at any time with queries.

Prepare Scenarios

Firstly it's important to think about the workflows you need to test, so you can compare Flowlens to how things are done currently. Of course some aspects will be different, and probably more efficient that current manual processes, so test for the desired outcome in areas such as:

  • Enquiries and Sales Pipeline
  • Quotes and Orders
  • Orders to Build
  • Dispatch and Invoicing
  • After-sales Service

Update Settings

Explore the Settings section and update relevant parts to make the trial experience more personalised for your company. This will help other people in the business to better understand how Flowlens will feel in day to day usage.

  • Add your logo, contact details and info to make your documents look good (we recommend a PNG or jpg)
  • Add categories, units of measure
  • For trialling you may want to add VAT and Nominal Accounts but the trial system has basic defaults. Note, these are usually updated from your accounts package once it is connected after you sign up with Flowlens.
  • If you want to add additional Part Locations, you'll find these under the main Stock Menu

Watch this video to learn about creating Manufacturing Parts and Job Cards.

Prepare Your Data

You can add data manually, or you can use CSV data import tool found in Settings. Download the appropriate template from Settings. It includes instructions on required fields and expected values. 

  • Watch the video above for a summary of creating manufactured parts with bills of materials, and process for creating job cards
  • Add some customers and suppliers 
  • Add parts - think about part numbers, names and descriptions (for quotes) - standard sell and cost price
  • Associate suppliers with - you can add supplier part numbers and prices

Initial Stock

  • Use the stock adjustment tool to add quantities of stock to your locations for any part, or use the Initial Stock Counts Data Import to update stock levels once you have created/imported parts.

Familiarise yourself with universal features

  • Tasks for yourself or others
  • Task Digest email
  • Interactions
  • Uploads

Add Users

Add colleagues to the system, assign permissions etc via the 'Users' option in Settings.

Add Flowlens to your Whitelist

Flowlens emails are 'aliased' meaning they come from the Flowlens system on behalf of your user. Sometimes emails can get stuck in junk folders. To help avoid this add "" to your whitelist. 

For example if your Flowlens systems is '' then add '' to your email whitelist.

Ask Questions!

We're here to help. Please email at any time with queries and we will answer promptly, or arrange a follow-up call to help work through your questions.

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