Bulk Import of Pending Asset Serial Numbers

If you purchase serial-numbered items in bulk, you'll need to update Flowlens with the serial numbers for items received. 

You can do this manually by visiting Parts > Asset Register > Pending Assets, and viewing each asset and clicking 'Convert' to add the serial number. Alternatively you can update this information in bulk.

Note, before you start: If you need to track serial numbers for parts, the part must be set to 'Generates Unique Assets'. Please note this can only be set upon part creation, and cannot be added later.

Bulk Import of Pending Assets

First raise the PO, and receive the goods as normal. 
Then visit Reports > Pending Asset Export for Bulk Conversion.
Next, Filter the report by the PO number you've received: 
Screenshot 2020-08-19 at 10.01.15.png
Then download the filtered data via CSV (scroll to the bottom of the page):
Screenshot 2020-08-19 at 10.02.04.png
Open this CSV file and add the Serial Numbers to column C:
Once complete, visit Settings > Data Imports and selected 'Pending Assets' 
Upload the CSV and update these serial numbers. You'll receive an email to confirm this is complete, or tell you if there's been a problem.
Visit the Asset Register to see the update items. They are now ready for dispatch via Sales Orders, or as 'Input Assets' on Job Cards.
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