Creating Commercial Invoices

Flowlens enables exporters to generate commercial invoices, including weights, incoterms, and commodity codes. Generate a PDF with on-screen signature, or print for manual signature and inclusion with the export paperwork.

Watch the video to see how Flowlens Commercial Invoices are created.

Initial Setup

  • Visit Settings > Company details to add your EORI number and point of contact.
  • Visit Settings > Incoterms to amend default options.
  • Optionally update Parts with Commodity Code, Country of Origin and Weight.

Create A Commercial Invoice

  • Open the Sales Order relating to the export sale.
  • Click Actions, Generate Commercial Invoice
  • Check the line items, and edit using the pencil icon.
  • Click Actions > Edit to update details such as delivery address, total weight.

Note: To let you account for the weight packaging materials which vary from order to order, Flowlens doesn't calculate the total weight, but displays the weight of parts added to the Commercial Invoice. 

To Complete the Commercial Invoice

  • Click Actions > Complete
  • Check the weight and shipment date
  • Sign the signature box on screen, or leave blank if you wish to manually sign the printed document.
  • Complete and then download the PDF via the actions menu.
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