Resending a Flowlens invitation

! User invitations can only be sent by administrators.

When a new user created in Flowlens they receive an a welcome email like the one below.

Clicking on set my password will take the user to Flowlens where they will be prompted to set a password. The new user is now able to login to Flowlens. NOTE: the first time a user logs in must be via the welcome email.

Resending a user invitation may be required if the user has lost their original welcome email. To resend a user invitation, go to the 'Users' section in the Settings menu.

Select the User, click the actions button and select the 'Resend invitation' link.

'Resend Invitation' emails a fresh invitation the selected user. 

! Users should follow all instructions in the invitation email, including defining a new password, before logging into the application.

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