Understanding Parts, Bill of Materials and Job Cards

Everything you make, buy and sell is a 'part' within Flowlens. Parts can have different attributes depending on how you'll use them.

Flowlens is designed to make it easy to manage

  • supplied parts, components and material
  • manufactured parts, bills of materials and sub-assemblies
  • product / asset serial numbers and history
  • stock levels and parts on order

Parts have different settings, which govern how they trigger workflows within Flowlens. It's important to understand these settings before you create or import parts and bills of materials. 

In particular you need to decide which parts need to have the flags for 'Is Manufactured', 'Generates Unique Assets' (serial numbers) and 'Configurable'. You can also toggle whether Flowlens should manage stock for a particular part.

Watch this video for an overview of creation parts and bills of materials, and how to create Job Cards to product a manufactured part.

Also see Bulk Assignment of Input and Output Asset serial numbers for Job Cards

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