Data imports overview

You are able to import the following information into Flowlens:

  • Companies (customers & suppliers)
  • Contacts
  • Parts
  • Assets (existing products with serial numbers)
  • Pending Assets (allocating serial numbers to products in bulk)
  • Supplied parts (associating parts with suppliers)
  • Components (creating a bill of materials / BoM)

Users with relevant Administrator permissions can import data in 'Data imports' in the settings menu.

Each import has its own template. Select the relevant data set you want to import from the dropdown menu and download the template.

Two files will be downloaded to your local computer: an instruction file & a csv spreadsheet. The instruction file contains important information such as which fields are mandatory & will also provide you with options to choose from for other fields, please read it carefully. Do not amend the column names or change the order of the columns of the csv spreadsheet.

When you're ready to upload your information simply follow the steps above and select I've Used This Template, choose your file and follow the remaining on screen instructions. You will be notified if your import was successful.

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